Programs and Services

  • Counselling.
  • Help finding jobs.
  • Computer training
  • Dress-making classes
  • Short Term Daycare Services 
  • Reading and Bible Studies
  • Assistance for Seniors
  • Online Christian Radio
  • Christian E-Learning


The Voice Of Life Church And Community Services is a non-profit, community based organization reaching out to the Unreached, Single Parent, Seniors and Newcomers to Canada.

Offering a wide variety of programs each season, the TVOL church and community is a great place to make connections and to respond to specific needs, helping every person to have an equal opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

The Volunteers and Community Partners constitute a virtual extended family which ensures critical supplementary support for all TVOL programs and services.


The Voice Of Life Church And Community Services takes its mandate from Biblical instruction and adopts a faith-based approach when responding to the social, educational, settlement and employment needs of the community.

Programs and services are open to people of all religions and spiritual backgrounds.


Current Programs 

Group Bible Study : Where individuals can explore the books of the Bible in small groups, helping them understand its significance for their lives. Question and Answer sessions are included to enhance the learning process.

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